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Helen Barham

 “I went to University at 21 and realised that I had a bit of a business mind, so after graduating, I fell into an advertising field role at the Courier newspaper. Eight months in, I was doing quite well and realised I had found my niche in a sense of going out and meeting people and influencing. So from that point, I left the Courier and went to a publishing company in London, I knew I was good at the job, but within three months I realised it wasn’t for me, I wanted to go back to regional/local press.

When I went back to The Courier, I became Team Leader and then quite quickly after, went into management with roles in leisure and special publications, which made me realise I had a natural passion for leadership, coaching and helping people reach their own potential. I then had my first child but went back in a part-time role, they created a Sales Trainer position for me, which I did for two years, but I was missing the day to day involvement in business and management. My career developed in a number of different roles, working up to regional manager covering Folkestone, Gillingham and Tunbridge Wells and eventually to Head of Advertising. It was a total of 15 years, I got to as far as I could go and decided to concentrate on my family and second child. I spent three years at home and didn’t really know what to do. I was actually really lost. Then, one evening, Neil’s business – TN Recruits popped up on my phone and I thought I’d give it a go. I had no idea what was involved, but Neil and I had always had a very good working relationship and to go from me recruiting him and managing him and then 13 years later, it being the other way round, takes a special kind of relationship, with mutual respect. We gave it a go and after a month, started discussing ME Recruits. It was important for me to have my own project and to be in control, as that is the way I’ve always worked. I relished the challenge and spent the first seven months working out if I really liked recruitment and now, eighteen months in, ME Recruits has gone from a start up to being an established and profitable organisation. I am starting to build the reputation of the ME Recruits brand and with my past coaching roles, I ensure all candidates and clients receive a bespoke approach that supports their personal potential and business needs respectively. Meeting and working together all those years ago, hooking back up and now fronting ME Recruits gives me great autonomy in a thriving industry sector.”

About the business

With 25 years of combined recruitment experience, the ME Recruits team have an unsurpassed amount of industry knowledge. We pride ourselves on having a constantly evolving approach to recruitment, meaning we are able to combine our wealth of experience with modern technology, resulting in consistently accurate results. We like to treat each client and candidate individually, meaning we always take on an open and honest approach in our assessments. This practice means we are able to take careful consideration of what is right for each group, contributing to a high rate of success.